Experienced Advocate Who Will Work Tirelessly For You

I Can Help You If You Have Been Injured

No matter how it was caused, a serious bodily injury can be devastating to you and your family, impacting your ability to work and reducing your quality of life. At Law Office of Robert J. Kor, I am committed to helping people like you who have been hurt and need to get compensation so that you can be made whole again. I take an aggressive and strategic approach to pursuing my clients’ cases, as I seek to get them the maximal amount of compensation for the harm that they have suffered. However, I also believe in providing my clients with personal service, ensuring that their goals are always at the center of my litigation strategy and giving them insight into their case.

My office in Hartford is open to everyone who needs a lawyer to help them, and I am proud that most of my clients come to me from referrals from previous clients. Having their trust is both humbling and inspires me to continue helping the members of my local community.

My Experience Covers A Multitude Of Cases

Over the course of my career, I have represented clients in a number of personal injury cases and thus learned how to overcome nearly any challenges that I encounter during litigation. Some of the  cases that I can help with include:

When I meet with an injured client, I always begin with getting as many of the details surrounding your case as possible. Generally, I will ask them to tell me exactly what happened to them, whether a police report was filed or if they were called, whether they were taken to the hospital and what the physicians determined their injuries to be. I will also ask some hard questions, like whether they may have contributed to their injuries in some way and whether they think any witnesses would be able to corroborate what happened to them. Additionally, I will also ask some financial questions such as whether you have an insurance policy that may cover your injury and if you have spoken with an adjuster before.

The purpose of these questions is to give me the understanding of your situation that I need to make an informed evaluation and asses exactly how I can help you. Normally, I find that throughout this process my clients can see that I want to be a partner in helping them recover, and that I will do my best to ensure that they are comfortable with my representation. To that effect, I can do consultations with clients in person, over the phone and now with video calls. I am purposeful to be responsive to my clients and ensure that there is always a way to reach my office number.

Reach Out Today And Let Me Help You

My goal is to help everyone that I can with getting the compensation that they need so that they can put their lives back together, so if you have been wrongfully injured, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can call my office at 860-856-6179 to schedule a free, confidential consultation for any personal injury or motor vehicle accident cases where we can discuss your case and see how I can help you. Alternatively, you can write to me online and send me a brief description of your case.